St Lucia District Branch

Looking to book facilities for your gathering at CCCB St Lucia?

Current Queensland Health’s Stage 3 Roadmap to easing restrictions allows gatherings at church, provided there is

  • Physical Distancing, i.e. at least 4m2 can be allocated per person (for sites like ours that are >200 m2 ) and individuals keep 1.5m apart (except for members of the same household – who can be closer),
  • Contact Tracing,
  • Frequent Cleansing.

The SLDB Process for use of the building consists of 2 parts:

  • Covid19 Policy – States the restrictions related to ensuring Physical Distancing and avoiding contamination
  • Covid19 Protocols – States the protocols related to Contact Tracing and Cleansing of facilities

The following gives an outline of the process for use of the building:

Room Booking

  1. The requester needs to read the Covid19 Policy.  The requester also needs to ensure all potential users of the building in his/her group read the Covid19 Policy.
    Read the policy here 阅读使用教会规定
  2. The requester then fills in the Room Booking Request Form (bottom of this page).
  3. The Booking Administrator will get in touch with the requester to confirm outcome of the room booking request.

Post Room Booking Request Confirmation

  1. The room requester / group leader must appoint a Compliance Lead who must then read and be familiar with the Covid19 Policy and Covid19 Protocol to ensure Group compliance with them while using the building.
    Read the protocol here

Pre Day of Building Use

  1. Compliance Lead must inform Group attendees to wait outside for the Compliance Lead to turn up before entering building even if the building were open. This is to ensure attendees do not enter rooms that were not booked (and therefore will not be cleaned post-meeting).

Day of Building Use

  1. On day of building use, if attendees turn up first, they must wait outside for the Compliance Lead to turn up before entering building.  Compliance Lead arrives to open building, following the Protocol for opening up.
  2. Compliance Lead, following the “Before entering building” Protocol, checks group members for agreement with P&P and are non-symptomatic of Covid19.
  3. Compliance Lead fills in a Contact Tracing Register immediately.  (Note that HET or SLE Church members use an online Contact Tracing Check-In Form, accessible via unique QR code for each church respectively, for their Contact Tracing Register.)
    懷恩堂 Check-In SLE Church Check-In

At the End of Meeting

  1. Compliance Lead ensures, with the help of Group members, cleaning and wiping down of the used facilities following the “End of meeting” Protocol.
  2. Compliance Lead updates Contact Tracing Register immediately for any changes, e.g. late-comers or early departures.
  3. Group members leave the building.
  4. Compliance Lead, still following the “End of meeting” Protocol, washes hands, then closes door.
  5. Compliance Lead fills in a Building Check-Out Form.
    Building Check-Out
  6. Compliance Lead leaves the building.

Make a booking request.